TSCT English Department

Video Games as Literature

Weekly Schedule home

Week 1

1. Read syllabus and course navigation.

2. Ask any questions you have for your instructor.

3. Turn in survey and acknowledgement of rules.

4. Sign up for Padlet and introduce yourself to the class using the Introduction Padlet.

5. Complete the literacy narrative, see instructions on Week 1 Padlet.

Week 1

Week 2

1. Lecture: Video Games Studies and the course's approach.

2. Learn key terms for discussing narrative video games.

3. Discuss terms in Padlet

4. Journal on Wolfenstein.

Week 2

Week 3

1. Lecture: Introduce Critical Gaming

2. Play Every Day the Same Dream.

3. Discuss the game in Padlet.

4. Assignment on critical gaming.

Week 4

1. Lecture: The history of video games in popular culture

2. Timeline of games Padlet

3. Play Wolfenstein 3-D and discuss.

Week 5

1. Lecture: Procedural rhetoric and Possibility Space

2. Play and discuss To Build a Better Mousetrap

3. Journal about PR and PS

Week 6

1. Lecture: Decisions

2. Netflix party, watch Bandersnatch

3. Padlet on decisions

Week 7

1. Review for essay exam

2. Turn in final exam by Monday at 9am.

Week 8

1. Lecture: Introduce literary theory

2. Form groups, chose topics

3. Turn in topic form--one per group.

Week 9

1. Work in groups

2. Play and discuss Gone Home

Week 10

1. Presentations due this week.

2. Play and discuss Braid

3. Journal reflecting on the presentations.

Week 11

1. Lecture: Introduce Twine

2. Planning: Story mapping and thinking of genre

3. Play and discuss The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

4. Story map draft

Week 12

1. Lecture: Variables, CSS, and how to code--know your resources

2. Play and discuss With Those We Love Alive on Padlet

3. Share coding that helps on Twine Padlet

Week 13- finals

1. Workshop Twine: weekly updates needed

2. Peer-review the games in small groups