Video Games as Literature

World 3: Twinehome

We will start this week thinking about how to plan your game with a story map.

Let's look at the following image to understand three types of story patterns: Linear, String of Pearls, and Branching. There are more, but these work best to keep it simple.

This week we will play another Twine game: Depression Quest

This game would be categorized as a serious game at least in the way that it is showing the player the impossibilities at times for those that are in need of mental health.

During this time, it seems like mental health is a concern for many, so if you feel like you are not in the right state to play this game, we can think of an alternative assignment. With that said, it does not get graphic--it just does a good job setting the mood through the player character.


1. Play and discuss Depression Quest: Depression Quest Discussion

2. Map out your story with multiple endings. Use what ever media works for you. Draw it and take a picture, use a Mind Map, use a Word document, or anything that helps you envision your story.

3. Upload your story map on Discord under #Storymap.

Check out this outline for some extra help: Story Map