Video Games as Literature

World 3: Twinehome

This week we will begin our unit on Twine. Throughout the rest of this course, you will play and interact with other Twine games, and by the end, you will create your own. First, start with playing the instructions below. Make sure you click around to learn about the different elements of Twine.


1. Read the Instructions and basic instructions here: Basics

2. Play The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo.

3. Discuss the game in the Padlet below.

4. Turn in Topic ideas.

Twine Instructions

You also want to read over the key functions of Twine. Mess around with the program, so you know the limits of your game. While you start thinking about the logistics of the game, let's start by playing the Twine game The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo.

Play here

After playing discuss the game in the Padlet below.

Made with Padlet

Complete the form below once you know the direction of your essay.