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Video Games as Literature

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When do we have class?
Our class is held every Tuesday unless otherwise announced. You must be prepared to discuss the current readings or game play assignment. This class is hybrid, so on Thursday the work will be completed asynchronously (and due on Sunday).

When is homework due?
Homework is always due on Sunday, except for what you need to prepare for on class on Tuesday (e.g. readings and group work).

What is the best way to reach Prof. Reading?
You can email me or send me a chat on Teams using your Stevens email. I try to respond quickly during my office hours or within 48 hours.

Where do I find my grades?
All grades are found on the portal. Click on the class after looking for the Quick Links that has the course name. Then click on "Coursework" to see your grade.

How much time should I spend on homework each week?
This depends on how fast you play, read, reflect, and write. I suggest giving yourself at least one hour for each reading/reflection/writing session. You will have 2-3 readings a week. The best way to pace this class is to play/read/reflect/write every other day for 1-2 hours/ 3 days a week.

How do I drop this course?
You must get a Class Withdrawal form on the portal and email it to me, your advisor, and the registrar.