Critical Thinking

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For this project, you should apply what you learned about social media and critically think about the effects it has had on social media. You must show both sides of the argument.

List of Topic Choices

Choose from one of the following issues to discuss below:

1. Finding information during the age of information. How can we manage the overwhelming amount of information at our finger tips?

2. Discuss the role social media platforms play in censoring what is posted. Should they have the right to censor what is posted?Discuss issues of the First Amendment. Do we need to revise anything with the new changes in media digestion?

3. Do you think it contributes to the political and geographic divide? How can we use social media in more positive ways?

4. How do boys and girls differ in their social media use? How do larger systemic issues contribute to these differences?

5. Discuss social media and depression. Have a discussion on how we can improve our social media practices.

Choices of Delivery

1. The traditional 3 – 5 page essay. You will need to have a clear thesis, three body paragraphs that have a different perspective in each paragraph, and a conclusion that summarizes your findings. It must follow MLA formatting.

2. A 5 – 10 minute podcast that discusses the topic with a partner. You can record a conversation with a peer, and then edit it with intro and outro music. Audacity and Anchor are good apps to use for recording and editing.

3. A 5 – 10 minute video presentation. Camtasia and Snag It offers free trials; they are the easiest programs to use to record and edit videos. #2 and #3 can also be a group effort (2 - 3 people).


1. Research the topic, and create an argument.

2. Choose how you are going to express your final project.

3. Research the best way to create it if you are choosing a non-traditional way like a podcast or video.

4. Coordinate with your peers or make a plan on how you are going to organize the information and express it. This is also when you should be working with me to get advice on the direction of your work.

5. Turn in topic form:

6. Schedule a time to meet with the teacher. Everyone in the group needs to be available: Schedule time with me.

7. Do it!


1. It must lack fallacies and be fair and balanced. It must look at the topic in a number of ways, showing off your critical thinking skills.

2. It must engage with at least three legitimate sources. Please avoid bias sources. Use works from scholarly journals. JSTOR, which is a database, is free right now. Google Scholar is also a good source to use. Let me know if you have issues finding sources. If you choose the essay, use MLA formatting, including in-text citations. If you choose the alternative projects, you can just provide a Works Cited page.

3. If working in a group, you must give me a breakdown of the tasks and how they were delegated.

4. Late projects must be coordinated beforehand with a good reason. There are penalties for late projects. See syllabus.

5. It must be original work. Plagiarism will result in a 0%. Just cite what isn’t yours and try your best.