Critical Thinking

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Throughout the Human Rights documents we read there were different aspects of human life and the rights or lack of rights each of the issues bring up. For this final project, you are to choose one element, research the history of its rights, and summarize the issues that it brings up. This is not an opinion piece, but an analytical work that brings information together in a fair and interesting way. This can be an extension of any of your works on rights.

List of Topic Choices

1. The right to live: these deal with your basic human rights that are involved in maintaining life.

Think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, this would be the lowest level.

2. The right to love: These rights can deal with marriage and children.

3. The right to work: This can involve labor laws or opportunity.

4. The right to own land: This can be the issues of owning land or also deal with the government’s ability or inability to take one’s land.

5. The right to education: This can deal with the access and equality of education.

6. Equal rights and loopholes: This could deal with the rights of prisoners or focus on access to opportunities.

Think about how policies like red-lining affect African-American communities and opportunities in terms of owning homes in safe areas.

7. Freedom of speech: This could focus on hate speech, pornography, or other issues of censorship.

Choices of Delivery

1. The traditional 3 – 5 page essay. You will need to have a clear thesis, three body paragraphs that have a different perspective in each paragraph, and a conclusion that summarizes your findings. It must follow MLA formatting.

2. A 5 – 10 minute podcast that discusses the topic with a partner. You can record a conversation with a peer, and then edit it with intro and outro music. Audacity and Anchor are good apps to use for recording and editing.

3. A 5 – 10 minute video presentation. Camtasia and Snag It offers free trials; they are the easiest programs to use to record and edit videos. This can also be a group effort (2 - 3 people).


1. I will create discord channels for each right. This will allow you to discuss different possible sources, and it will also help you expound upon different viewpoints and issues that come up. It will also help you coordinate with your peers to create groups if you chose to work together.

2. Choose how you are going to express your final project.

3. Research the best way to create it if you are choosing a non-traditional way like a podcast or video.

4. Coordinate with your peers or make a plan on how you are going to organize the information and express it. This is also when you should be working with me to get advice on the direction of your work.

5. Do it!


1. It must lack fallacies and be fair and balanced. It must look at the topic in a number of ways, showing off your critical thinking skills.

2. It must engage with at least three legitimate sources. Please avoid bias sources. Use works from scholarly journals. JSTOR, which is a database, is free right now. Google Scholar is also a good source to use. Let me know if you have issues finding sources. If you choose the essay, use MLA formatting, including in-text citations. If you choose the alternative projects, you can just provide a Works Cited page.

3. If working in a group, you must give me a breakdown of the tasks and how they were delegated.

4. Late projects must be coordinated beforehand. We do not have a lot of time to turn in grades, so I need to plan accordingly.

5. It must be original work. Plagiarism will result in a 0%. Just cite what isn’t yours and try your best.