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Civil Rights
Rights that are monitered by a governing body

*"The roles, attitudes, values and relationships regarding women and men are constructed by all societies all over the world." Often confused with sex, which is determined by nature, gender is socially constructed; these distinctions have globally served to create and maintain subordinate roles and inequities towards women.

Human Rights
A term used to describe rights that all people should have.

*Concept that human rights are universal and that they cannot be taken away under any circumstances

A person who must leave their country because of manmade conflict or natural disaster.

*In legal terms, the means by which a right is enforced or the violation of a right is prevented, redressed or compensated.

Restorative Justice
A type of justice that focuses on rehabilitation and reconcilation. It involves a moment of truth for the victim between the perpetrator and larger community. *See Truth and Reconciliation Trials

often synonymous with country; a group of people permanently occupying a fixed territory, having common laws and government and capable of conducting international affairs.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission
The TRC were courtlike hearings between victims of the apartheid government and the perpetrators (mostly former police officers) during in South Africa. It was led by Archbiship Desmond Tutu. Those on trial were given amnesty for admitting to their crimes. The most televised moments were between the police and the family of the murdered anti-apartheid activists.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR)(1948)
*Primary United Nations document establishing human rights standards and norms; although intended to be NON-BINDING, through time its various provisions have become so respected by states that it can be said to be CUSTOMARY INTERNATIONAL LAW; one of three components of the INTERNATIONAL BILL OF RIGHTS.

*Quoted and/or paraphrased from American University's Glossary of Human Rights Terms