Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking
A process of analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information. It requires special attention to a number of thinking processes and points-of-view.

A way of thinking that starts with a theory, moves to an hypothesis, then collects evidence or observes, and draws a conclusion.
1. All humans are mammals. (Major Premise)
2. All mammals have kidneys. (Minor Premise)
3. All humans have kidneys. (Conclusion)

A flawed way of thinking, a mistake in logic.

A process of reasoning starts with observation, looking for a pattern, tentative hypothesis, and then creating a theory. For example, I notice the sun rises in the East, I document that over a period of time, until I can create the theory that the sun rises in the East.

The three part process of deductive reasoining: Major premise, minor premis, and conclusion.