Short Story and Poetry

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Welcome to Short Story and Poetry!

Important Dates

January 19: Classes Begin

March 21: International Poetry Day

April 16: Deadline to withdraw from class without Penalty

May 14: Classes end


January 2021

Welcome to the class! I look forward to learning together in this adventure in reading and analyzing. This class engages the written word in the form of poetry and short stories. We will explore how the written word and other forms of storytelling has influenced humankind and how we influence the written word. Start by reading the syllabus; then, you can follow the weekly assignments in the Schedule tab.

Website and Course Navigation

This website is for you to access assignment descriptions and acts as a roadmap for the course content. To find where our remote classroom is and access your grades, you need to visit the portal. For quick chats, you can use Microsoft Teams to reach me. To begin, you must read the syllabus and then go to the Schedule tab for your weekly assignments. Preparing for this class has two important dates: On Tuesday's class of every week, you must be prepared with the readings assigned each week--see schedule. On the following Sunday, you must submit the work for the week.

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