English Composition

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Week 1

Navigate through the class.


Week 2

The Writing Process

Introduce the Narrative

Week 3

Discuss topics and readings

Week 4

Work on first draft

Parts of speech, finding subjects and verbs to avoid run-ons and fragments.

Week 5



Week 6


Turn in final draft of narrative by the end of the week.

Week 7

Introduce the Profile Unit

Thesis Statements

Week 8


Field Research

Discuss Profile readings

Week 9

How to organize information

Grammar Jam

Conferences; outline and partial draft due

Week 10


Week 11

Creating well-crafted paragraphs

Turn in final draft of the Profile

Week 12

Introduce the research paper

Discuss topic ideas

Week 13

Finding and using sources

Summarize, quote, and paraphrase your sources

Reading example research papers and the academic voice

Week 14

MLA formatting

Works Cited Page

In-text citations

Week 15


Revising your citations and flow

Week 16 and finals

Turn in final essay; check with your instructor for specific due date

Double check your grades