English Composition


Collection of Narrative Readings

The Short Story Project is a website packed full of different types of short stories.

Journal question: Look for a story in first-person point-of-view that you enjoy. Read it and connect with key terms. What is the tone? Summarize the plot. Describe the setting. What makes it an interesting short story?

The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo is a non-linear story/game that involves the player to find all the endings to 'win' the game. You are a child going over to a friend's house for a sleepover. Make sure you explore the house.
Journal Questions:
1. How is the story told? What are the most distinct elements of the story? Connect to key terms of the narrative like character, setting, etc. What are some of the underlying messages about gaming and childhood?
2. How does the game change the experience of learning the story through play? Is this type of reading more exciting or distracting? How does the text make the reader pay attention?
Jenée Desmond-Harris's Tupac and My Non-Thug Life