English Composition


Narrative Journals

1. Fill out the writing survey:
a. What type of writer are you: Slow, steady, or fast?
b. What step in the writing process take the longest for you: prewriting, writing, or revision? Why?
c. What purposes have you written for? What challenges did you have with the past experiences?
d. What is your favorite genre? What is it that you like about it?
e. What is your learning style? What type of prewriting works for you?
f. Lastly, what are your concerns with writing?

2. Google search "photography by Gordon Parks" and choose one that tells a story. Describe a possible plot from the photo. Write journalist questions about the photo: "who," "what," "where," when," "why" and "how." Then, write a scenerio or plot summary of story that the photo could be portraying.

3. Brainstorming topics: Discuss two truths and a lie. In this discussion, share two stories in your life that are true, and slip in a lie. Try to guess each other's lie. This could help you start thinking about what makes an interesting story. In the response to your peers, you also need to share what story you are intrigued by.

4. Pretend you are listening to two people talking about you (or your main protagonist). Think about what they would say about you and your story. Have the two people describe the story or you only through dialog.