English Composition


Overview: A narrative essay tells a story. For this assignment, you should write about a moment in your life (not your whole life). Think about a moment of change. When was there a time you experienced something that led to a change in your thinking or your life? It doesn't have to be a drastic change, but great stories should focus on one specific moment that made a difference.


* 3 - 5 pages

* Has a clear intro, body, and conclusion

* Follows the rules of grammar

* Focuses on one specific story

* Discusses the setting

* Has dialogue

* Uses vivid descriptions and sensory imagery

Due Dates:

Topics due September 20th

First draft September 27th

Final draft October 4th

Example Papers by past students:

"Burnt Memories"

"Almost Heaven, West Virginia"

"Nine and a Half"

"The Darkest Place"