English Composition


Welcome to the narrative unit! By the end of this unit, you will use the writing process and learn how to compose a narrative essay. Think about the following questions: How do we tell stories? What makes interesting stories or unforgettable? Pay special attention to how you connect to stories as you conceptualize and compose your own narrative.

This is a possible schedule; see Teams for specific due dates.

Week 2: August 31 - September 6

The Writing Process: Prewriting Lecture

Week 3: September 7 - 13

Introduction to the narrative: Narrative Lecture

Week 4: September 14 - 20

Narrative Topic: Topics

Week 5 and 6: September 21 - October 4th

Peer-review and turn in final draft: Turnitin.com<--Click here to access Peer-review and to upload your final draft.